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Episode 04: Su Sanni – The Buffalo Dream

New Buffalo resident and 43N winner, Su Sanni from We Did It sits down to talk to The Buffalo Effect about the business he’s just relocated to Buffalo and why he’s liking his new home. Su shares his family’s American Dream and how his entrepreneurial spirit has kept pushing him forward. Download Episode!

Episode 02: Frank Rossi – Sometimes you’ve got to improv your way in.

Frank Rossi, actor, writer, teacher, agent, manager, casting director, and Buffalo re-pat sits down to talk about what it took to make it in Hollywood. Turns out it takes sneaking into the Paramount lot, showing up uninvited to auditions, and putting a gun down Woody Harrelson’s underwear. Frank has starred in Miami Vice, Blue Chips, …


The Buffalo Effect is a new podcast created to highlight interesting people doing cool things in Buffalo. We’re not selling anything, gossiping about anyone or trying to get sound bytes. It’s all about giving a forum to the right people to tell more of their story.


Michelle Levitt — Owner/Producer of Too Much Neon Podcast Studio
Bill Paterson — VP of Creative at Gelia (WNY’s largest ad agency)
Paul Spitale — Educator, Actor, and PhD
John Ceglia — Senior Sound Engineer at Chameleon Communications


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