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Ep 11: West Side Bazaar

We sit down with Michelle Holler of The West Side Bazaar who enlightens us on a great food vendor incubator on Buffalo’s West Side, how they’re looking to expand, and how delicious the place smells. Oh, and Bill eats Ethiopian food, venturing away from his beef on weck, pizza, and wings staple diet. Download Episode!

Episode 10: Joel Giambra – From politics to pot

We sit down with former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra about running for office at 25, surviving cancer and, of course, his quest to legalize marijuana. Hear Joel’s thoughts on going beyond bongs and trying to bring billions in revenue to New York State by lifting prohibition of weed. Download Episode!


The Buffalo Effect is a new podcast created to highlight interesting people doing cool things in Buffalo. We’re not selling anything, gossiping about anyone or trying to get sound bytes. It’s all about giving a forum to the right people to tell more of their story.


Michelle Levitt — Owner/Producer of Too Much Neon Podcast Studio
Bill Paterson — VP of Creative at Gelia (WNY’s largest ad agency)
Paul Spitale — Educator, Actor, and PhD
John Ceglia — Senior Sound Engineer at Chameleon Communications


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