Episode 08: Lauren Fix – The Car Chick!

Buffalonian Lauren Fix is a leading automotive expert and analyst who has authored three books so far. She has appeared on CNN, Fox News, The Today Show, CNBC and USA Radio’s “Daybreak USA” show.  Lauren talks cars, TV, daughter Shelby, and our other favorite guest Frank Rossi, who ironically calls in to add his 2 cents…

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Episode 06: Harry Zemsky – No Mo’ Napkins

Harry Zemsky, the brain behind Food Truck Tuesdays in Larkin Square, sits down with us to explain how a crazy Slovakian guy helped him realize his passion for food. He tells about some of his new projects The Angelica Tea Room, The Swan Street Diner, and we embarrass him with a blast from the past.

For more information on Food Truck Tuesdays and all the cool things going on down at Larkin Square visit larkinsquare.com

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Episode 02: Frank Rossi – Sometimes you’ve got to improv your way in.

Frank Rossi, actor, writer, teacher, agent, manager, casting director, and Buffalo re-pat sits down to talk about what it took to make it in Hollywood. Turns out it takes sneaking into the Paramount lot, showing up uninvited to auditions, and putting a gun down Woody Harrelson’s underwear.

Frank has starred in Miami Vice, Blue Chips, and other films, but he is probably best known for his role as “Frank Stucco” in White Men Can’t Jump. Frank is a great story teller and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do!

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Episode 00: Meet The Buffalo Effect

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The Buffalo Effect is a new podcast from Too Much Neon. With so many people from all walks of life contributing to the re-emergence of the Buffalo area, we thought it was high time to let them tell their stories. For this episode we wanted the opportunity for our listeners to get to know us, the people that will be making this show: John Ceglia, Michelle Levitt, Bill Paterson, and Paul Spitale. We promise to create an objective, positive platform with no gossip and no gotcha.

Buffalo has made its way back – and in that spirit, The Buffalo Effect is bringing good conversation back, too.

This week’s “Shameless Plug” goes to BEAM (Buffalo-area Engineering Awareness for Minorities). BEAM is a non-profit organization dedicated to building diversity in STEM fields by encouraging, supporting and preparing underrepresented students of all ages to pursue a future in STEM. Check them out here!